I am a licensed psychotherapist.

Houston Immigration Counselor - Angelina-Rodriguez-LLC

Immigration evaluations are my specialty. This is what I do best.

My practice specializes in clinical or psychological evaluations for immigration cases. Every day I conduct several clinical evaluations that help individuals and families face the difficult immigration process with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration of the United States. I offer a sensitive and professional approach with each of my clients. My office atmosphere provides safety and hope during each of our sessions. Most of my clients come directly from other client referrals, and I come highly recommended by most immigration attorneys. My approach is respectful and hopeful, as each individual immigration case is unique and life-changing.

Growing up in South Texas, I encountered other cultures; mainly people who came from Mexico, and Central & South America. Later, in my college years, I attended A&I University which was a chemical engineering campus that drew students from all across the globe from India to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt. And now, in my psychotherapy practice, I receive immigration evaluation requests from people as far as Nigeria and China!

My clients come from many countries including Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Canada, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria and China.

I am a Bilingual Psychotherapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor by the State Board of Texas. I am recognized by the Art Therapy Credential Board as a supervisor and I train several supervisees in my practice.

Since 2005, I have collaborated with and been highly recommended by more than 40 immigration attorneys, local and nation-wide, to provide detailed clinical evaluations for immigration cases. I am very good at connecting with people, and I excel at making people feel comfortable and safe.

In the years of counseling many clients with diverse immigration cases, I believe in the importance of providing a safe environment for all to freely discuss their fears, traumas, hardships, losses, and dreams. This is a crucial step toward any recovery process.

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Clinical Evaluation Types
We regularly conduct clinical evaluations with sensitivity and professionalism. Read details about the types of clinical immigration waiver cases we manage.


Angelina H. Rodriguez brings valuable qualities to the table.

  • She is a licensed professional counselor by the state of Texas
  • She is bilingual in English and Spanish
  • She understands the unique requirements for immigration cases
  • She has years of positive feedback from immigration attorneys
  • She spends several sessions to gather sensitive information for every client
  • She has the utmost respect for every client
  • She produces detailed evaluations in a timely manner, especially with urgent cases
  • She is available to see your clients usually within a few days of initial contact
  • She offers Zoom and Facetime services for distant or incapacitate clients

Based in Houston, Texas and authorized by the Texas State Board of Professional Counselors and the Art Therapy Credentials Board, Angelina H. Rodriguez uses traditional psychotherapy and art therapy to help clients return to a state of authenticity, resolve fears and unknowns in every day life and bring one to a state of peace and serenity. Angelina is the owner and director of Young Picassos Houston and Psychotherapy by Angelina, LLC since 2005.

Ms. Rodriguez has been featured on ABC 13 Live Houston, KHOU (Channel 11), The Fox News, “Envy magazine,” the Houston Chronicle, 1560 “The play”, “Great Day Houston”, “Houston Family” magazine and other publications that have invited the knowledge of Angelina. As a bilingual, licensed psychotherapist who has been practicing many years, Angelina H. Rodriguez is qualified and experienced in assessing various personality types and mental health disorders.

Zoom and Facetime services offered.