Does your client need a clinical evaluation for an immigration waiver?

Over the last 25 years Angelina H. Rodriguez has counseled people of various nationalities, families and individuals with difficult and painful stories, including those in need of immigration evaluations. She has seen firsthand the stress, anxiety, and desperation in the eyes of many patients whose lives and future depend in the result of their immigration case or appeal.

My relationship with each attorney is key.
Angelina H. Rodriguez

Open communication

Ms. Rodriguez understands the importance of each client’s case. She often makes herself available to have phone conferences with attorneys to assure the details of specific immigration cases. Since 2005, Ms. Rodriguez has a proven and successful history of long lasting relationships with more than 100 local and nationwide attorneys. She understands the importance of documenting each client’s evaluation with sensitivity, accuracy, and professionalism. Many attorneys have complimented Ms. Rodriguez’ ability to create a place of safety and comfort for clients to easily divulge sensitive information.

Professionalism and Accuracy: Your report will include:

  • A detailed evaluation including personal history covering unique circumstances in areas of educational, medical, emotional and financial to demonstrate each family member’s suffering.
  • An evaluation will be completed in 7-10 days. Emergency or fast turnaround evaluations (48hours) are available for special cases.
  • Reliable testing and assessments used to diagnosis patient’s current and past emotional stabilities.
  • Noted consequences or factors signifying difficulty to justify diagnosed condition.
  • A summary and recommendation of the patient’s level of coping skills.

We offer Zoom calls and Facetime for distant or unique circumstances.
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