Finding Resources While Navigating Post-Migration Life

The difficulties surrounding migration to the U.S. do not stop when you have reached your destination. Post-migration life has its own unique obstacles that often are a result of circumstances experienced during pre-migration and the migration process itself. Between fighting discrimination, gaining citizenship, adapting to a new culture and managing language barriers, the struggle to reach normalcy in a new life can prove to be hard on one’s mental health as time goes on. As a result, immigrants feel as though they are left on their own to understand these new life difficulties in a place that was supposed to be their savior.  Although this can be overwhelming, this is not a journey that has to be taken alone as there are multiple organizations dedicated to aiding the migrant community with post-migration adjustment. Below is a list of Houston/Texas-based organizations that are available and catered specifically for migrants living in the U.S. and are able to help with the post-migration transition regardless of citizenship status.

  1. The Alliance non-profit organization has a sole mission of helping those migrating to the U.S. from all backgrounds make progress in their self-sufficiency. Their accommodations extend beyond health care, such as adult education and language courses, counseling, psychological services and referrals to culturally aware professionals, cultural orientations, driver’s education services, trauma and grief counseling, youth programs and much more. The range of resources offered by The Alliance are made to help close any barriers that may interfere with creating a happy and healthy life in a new country. Their services are also available in many languages such as Spanish, Urdu, Hindi,Nepali, etc. An organization such as this one knows no barriers when it comes to helping newcomers get back on their feet and keep a happy and healthy mind.
  2. Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston the sole mission of creating an inclusive space for people of all cultural and religious backgrounds to thrive in, this organization partners with the U.S. State Department and Episcopal Migration Ministries to offer refugee services that allow for advancement in a safe and accommodating setting. They have aided families from over 30 countries and even have shared stories found on their website. Among the services offered are housing upon arrival, English as a second language classes to close language barriers, cultural orientations to adjust to and understand the transitions between cultures, school enrollment for children to allow them maximum educational opportunities and job placement for those to establish and begin a career in their newfound home.
  3. Hope Community Health Clinic health center designed with the goal of bridging any gap or health insecurities people of low-income or non-native backgrounds may have. With the mindset that health care should not have limits, this clinic offers opportunities for people of all cultural backgrounds by offering health services in over 30 languages. Their health services extend from psychiatric and trauma based therapy, to pediatrics, and much more.
  4. Catholic Charities: Archdiocese of Galveston organization founded on the belief of accepting all people of all religions and cultures, extends a helping hand to the most vulnerable members of our communities. Their services are designed to help those in the community grow from adversity and thrive without facing any barriers to do so. Services and opportunities offered by them include: family and couples therapy, individual therapy, youth programs, COVID assistance, and food distribution.With the knowledge and use of these supportive services, the fight for a wonderful life turns into an exciting learning process that leads into a positive future. Insecurity, social stigmas, and mental health risks, that come with migrating are an unfortunate reality for the majority. This reality does not have to be a constant in post-migration life.  It can be changed and altered when given the opportunity to do so, which is provided by all the organizations listed. Though, trying something new or seeking help can be frightening at first, the benefits to come will turn that fear into fruition.