Connecting With Family Members At A Distance During The Holidays

For those who have made the journey to their new life in a country and culture unknown, the holidays can be a tough time as they adjust. It can prove to be even more so difficult when the networks that were in place before may not be around during the holiday season. Although it may seem impossible to connect and support one another from a distance, it is actually very possible with different methods of communication and displays of affection towards one another. From using modern technology to Facetime, call, text, and email to even writing letters and sending care packages to one another, the possibilities to reunite a sense of solidarity are very much available. 

In the modern world, technology has helped us bridge many gaps in communication between cultures. It is now what we rely on mostly for our meetings, events, classes, jobs, and communities to stay connected as we have transitioned to our temporary remote society. For many immigrants and those who have family, friends, and loved ones overseas or beyond a border, using technological resources such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, Google Duo, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram can help you reach out and express your love and care for them when plans to visit may fall through. Obtaining an iPhone, Android device, tablet, iPad, or laptop may prove to be difficult for some as well as having an established internet connection. However, there are many alternatives to mainstream devices as well as older models that are less expensive and work just as efficiently to bring together your family for the holidays.

While technology has given us so many more opportunities to show our love and support for our family members from all over, it may not be for everyone and that is okay. Utilizing post office services such as mailing a letter or sending a package takes a more personalized approach to communication and ensures a way of keeping holiday traditions among family members alive and well. This method is also very accessible and affordable for everyone and can even have a larger impact on your family members’ wellbeing.

As our world is constantly changing in terms of the social, political, and economical climate we must adjust with it to ensure our own growth and prosperity. While adhering to changes in plans, especially those that involve expressing support and care to our loved ones in our home countries, it may be difficult. However, it is not impossible as families deserve to be connected with one another with no barriers.