Hispanic Heritage Month: Influential Figures

From September 15th to October 15th, it is Hispanic Heritage Month! This month is a time to celebrate Hispanic cultures, histories, and the contribution/involvement of the citizens in America. Their ancestors come from many places such as Mexico, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Spain. This month also includes the independence of many Latin American countries. This month became official on August 17th, 1988. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, this blog will be about some of the most well-known Hispanic/Latino figures in history. One famous figure who became the first Hispanic American woman to go to space, is Ellen Ochoa. Ochoa’s parents came to the United States of America, specifically California where Ochoa was born, from Mexico. Ellen Ochoa went on to join NASA and completed 4 missions. Roberto Clemente was from Puerto Rico being born there in 1934. He was in professional baseball in Puerto Rico at 18, moved to Canada, and then in 1954 joined the Pittsburgh Pirates. Roberto Clemente made history by becoming the first Latino and Caribbean to win a world series! A recent Hispanic/Latino who has taken the entertainment world by storm is Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda is of Puerto Rico descent and is a composer, singer, actor, and writer. For years, he worked on a play called “Hamilton”. It went on to win the Tony for Best Musical In 2016 and even in 2022, it is considered extremely popular. Our last famous figure in this blog is making her voice known in the political world. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York native (the Bronx), became the youngest woman to be elected to congress at only 29 years old. She is often referred to as AOC. These influential and famous figures have brought so much joy to the Hispanic and Latino community and truly show how hardworking and persistent the Hispanic/Latino community is.