How Undocumented Students Mental Health Is Overlooked

We can all agree that immigrants face difficult challenges when they arrive in the United States. From finding a job, housing, and economic stability, one element that many people fail to think of is the mental health of immigrants, particularly the mental health of immigrant college students. The United States contains over 427,000 undocumented higher education students with Texas having 162,000 first-generation immigrant students. Out of those 427,000 students, only about 181,000 are eligible for DACA. For students who are not DACA eligible, things can be very stressful. Many of these undocumented students not only go to school but can not apply for financial aid since they are undocumented in order to provide for their families and themselves and therefore have to pay for their own tuition and books. Many undocumented students apply for scholarships that are benefited towards undocumented students and Hispanic and Latino students in order to pay for school. DACA recipients are allowed to work but those who are not eligible have to find other ways to make money. With all this in mind, one can see how it can take a toll on a person’s mental health. There are many ways a person can reach out and get help with their mental health. One way is to find a certain organization that is specifically altered towards undocumented immigrants. Usually, they create a sort of community and support system and help them with their identity. It helps finding and connecting with someone who is also going through a similar situation. Most universities have some type of therapy and counseling services that not only help with managing school work and stress but can help with anxiety, depression, and more. One very important feat that can help with stress and anxiety is having a hobby of some sort. Whether it be art, reading, exercising, or simply having a fun time with friends, having a break from all the stress is important because one needs to have a balance between work and personal life. There are many things that can help but finding the best option for you is key.