Immigrants and their Impact on the Economy

When watching the news and immigrants are mentioned, most of the time they are unfortunately painted in a negative light when in reality, there is a lot of positivity surrounding immigrants in the United States of America. Four positive facts and advantages about immigrants in the U.S. economy are starting small/big businesses, working in STEM, boosting earnings for American workers and boosting demand for local consumer goods. Immigrants bring so much positive impact to the United States economy. They are essential to the economy. Immigrants start many businesses since they are 30% more likely to start a business than citizens with 18% of immigrants being business owners. This makes them very entrepreneurial. Many immigrants work in STEM with a good amount working in refineries or industrial construction. They also make up 33% of engineers with high percentages in mathematics, statisticians, computer scientists, physical scientists etc. They also create state of the art tech companies with 25% of them being created by immigrants. Immigrants are highly educated with 43% of recently arrived immigrants being college or higher-education graduates. Immigrants also increase the demand for local goods and earning for American workers. They contribute so much as they contribute 11.74 billion dollars to U.S. taxes. Immigrants bring such positive impacts to the U.S. and they will only keep providing for the United States. Immigrants also provide an increase in the U.S. population. The United States economy needs to be competitive and immigrants can grant that. We need more immigration for the economy to get even better and to improve.