The Positive Impacts of Clinical Evaluations on Immigrant Life and Prosperity

Moving forward into a new year brings to light many concerns among the immigrant community as it is a year filled with new possibilities as seen with the full reinstatement of the DACA program. For those who are looking to better their health, look towards citizenship, or even certain visas or work permits to allow them to live the best life possible in the United States, they might consider different paths to achieve this, one of them being clinical evaluations.

While pursuing aid through mental health workers such as counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists may come with apprehension as it may be considered a taboo in some cultures or even pose intimidation to those who are not familiar with the mental health sector. It actually can provide thriving results in helping to improve the lives of those in the immigrant community with just one consultation. The many ways in which these evaluations help promote self-advancement in the immigrant community include but are not limited to:

Boosting Immigration Waiver Cases For Visas

A large reason as to why clinical evaluations are highly suggested for the immigrant community in terms of moving forward with their new lives in the United States is because of their help in giving leverage for immigration waiver cases, especially in those pertaining to extreme hardship, (VAWA) spousal abuse, political asylum, and U visas. Clinical Evaluations are, essentially an overlook to unravel what is troubling or questioning to the client internally and mentally, and in the context of immigration cases, this is especially important as it can be revealed that the possibility of being deported and sent back to a country may induce feelings of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders along with posing dangerous possibilities if that situation was to arise. This evaluation report with findings such as these can pose great possibility for immigrants to obtain waivers and thus not only remain in the United States but even pose inspiration for other ventures such as starting a business with a work permit or pursual of citizenship.

Identify and Resolve Present Mental Health Issues

Part of the clinical evaluation process is delving deep into mental and psychological issues, concerns, and questions and what can come from this is the identification of mood disorders and conditions that may add to additional difficulty when it comes to relocating to the United States. Within the revelations made from a diagnosis or conclusion made in terms of mood disorders, can come the opportunity to tackle these issues head-on with coping mechanisms and therapy methods and even lead to an increase in positive health outcomes as resolving any stress or anxiety can take weight off of the physical and mental health difficulties than can be faced previously.

Expands Opportunities For Work

As mentioned previously, clinical evaluations can help greatly in immigration waiver cases and even grant work permits in some cases. With a work permit, poses great opportunity for career advancement as immigrant families are able to further provide for one another and beyond. This would mean that there is less of a limited scope of options for employment and even inspire individuals to maybe pursue classes via community organizations or local vocational training services to explore new passions and dreams.

Change and the fear of the unknown is something that can intimidate us all when looking to new horizons to advance ourselves. However, in terms of small steps leading to greater advancements, clinical evaluations can very much be a little factor in the journey of life that can lead to bigger and greater things.