What are the benefits of undergoing a professional clinical evaluation?

The U.S. legal system has been using psychological assessments for immigration purposes for over twenty years. In addition to supporting immigration officials in making determinations regarding immigration status, these evaluations are also intended to provide immigration information to applicants. The benefits of psychological evaluations in immigration cases go far beyond supporting successful applications.

For adults who are struggling in various areas of their lives, psychological evaluations can be highly beneficial, especially if previous treatments have not worked. Psychological evaluations can be used to reveal not only specific areas of concern, but also other areas that may need treatment. Clinically, psychological assessments are particularly useful for improving clinical clarity and informing interventions and treatments.

What are some benefits tied to clinical evaluations?

  • A clinical evaluation can provide diagnostic clarification.

For some clients, this may be the first time they have been assessed in many years. Psychological health can be a complex area for clients, as feedback and diagnosis are often mixed.

It is possible for clients to gain a complete understanding and professional clarification of their mental health for the first time in their lives through a psychological evaluation of this caliber. Individuals can find relief from this in and of itself, which is incredibly rewarding and reassuring.

  • Assessment can lead to an appropriate therapy session with us

After completing an evaluation for a client, we also provide details about the best and most appropriate treatment options.

Despite the potential therapeutic benefits of psychosocial assessments, it is important to ensure I make it clear to clients that assessments are not therapy. After deciding whether they may benefit from ongoing therapy, we provide them with different options they might chose.

In some cases, this might be the first-time individuals have been informed about active next steps for their treatment that are specifically tailored to their needs. Many clients can benefit from learning more about treatment options and steps to take in order to improve their mental health.

  • Clients feel support and are able to receive the necessary help

An important benefit of psychological evaluation is the amount of support it provides to clients and their families and loved ones.

By helping individuals and their families to talk more openly and clearly, they can start having better conversations about helping each other and bringing them closer together.