I have filed for a U Visa. What are some tips and extra information I can get?

Applying and going through the process of a U Visa can be overwhelming. There is a vast amount of information about the U Visa (see past U Visa-related blogs on this page), and the steps that you must follow to be able to one, be eligible, and two, be able to completely apply and get your immigration waiver.  In this blog entry, we give you some more tips about the U Visa, as well as extra places in which you can get official information about your journey.

What are some tips for completing your certification:

  • Find the certification form and instructions at uscis.gov/i-918 .
  • Use blue ink (preferably) for the signature.
  • Submit an original (“wet”) signature-not a photocopy or scan.
  • Make sure that Supplement Bis completed entirely by the certifying agency.
  • Give the completed certification to the petitioner-do not submit it directly to USCIS.

Is there anyone responsible for preventing U VISA fraud? 

Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate of USCIS works to ensure that individuals attempting to defraud our immigration system are not granted a U Visa.

Where can I find additional official information?

  • Please consult the U and T Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide: dhs.gov/publication/u-visa-law-enforcement-certification-resource-guide USCIS Form 1-918, Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status and Instructions: uscis.gov/i-918
  • For technical assistance: USCIS Office of Policy and Strategy (202) 272-1470
  • For information about upcoming trainings for law enforcement: Email the USCIS Public Engagement Division at T_U_VAWATraining@uscis.dhs.gov
  • For more information about other immigration benefits that may be available to victims, including T non immigrant status (T visa) and Violence Against Women Act {VAWA) relief: uscis.gov/humanitarian