Loneliness in Immigrants

When one is lonely, usually they will call some friends or family to talk to and maybe hang out with. This could be a different case for immigrants in the United States. When one comes to the United States, it is usually to have a better life than they would have in their home country. But for many, it is very hard to get a visa or passport and so many come to the United States without one. These people risk their lives for the American dream. When they get here, they can experience culture shock. They see the different foods, ethnicities, people, etc. Although they experience a lot of beautiful things, they also, unfortunately, experience very difficult things such as loneliness. These people left their families and life behind for the opportunity of a better life and of course, many of these people do not have relatives in the United States. They have no familial or friend support since they just arrived in a new country. Making acquaintances and friends can be very hard, especially if there is a language barrier. It can be hard to communicate with other people. This, as one knows, can be extremely isolating. Many of these immigrants can develop depression due to isolation. It is a very difficult and trying time for them and many immigrants go through this. But there are ways for them to form some type of connection with other people. There are many communities, especially here in Houston, where immigrants are 100% welcomed. One can also search for the many different organizations here in Houston that are specifically catered toward immigrants. These organizations help you build relationships, offer you support, help you with any legal issues, etc. You do not have to be lonely. So many people want to support you and will do everything possible they can to do that.