Managing Stress In A Time Of Policy Changes As An Immigrant

In our ever-evolving news cycle, we often hear negative stories regarding immigration policies or possible changes to different laws and legislations that can be very impactful on our most vulnerable groups such as undocumented individuals and DACA students. Especially as we enter the election season, this can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety among these affected groups as some may not have a full comprehension as to how policy changes affect them and may perceive certain issues or proposed laws as putting their livelihood in danger.

With overwhelming amounts of stress and anxiety building up during this time, this may lead to larger issues such as falling into a depression or affecting physical health functioning. It may feel as though this struggle is one to be fought alone, however, that is not the case as there are many coping strategies and ways to become informed on how to get involved in such pressing matters such as:

Attending or Viewing Town Halls

Meetings, where those who are running for any sort of office during the election season are speaking about how they will change and impact certain laws, legislations, and policies, are better known as town halls. With the technological rise in our society and due to the current state of health we are in, these meetings are much more accessible to the public and allow them to give their input and learn about how these proposed changes will then change their lives. By asking questions, and learning more about how your businesses, work, citizenship status, and other important aspects of life can possibly be impacted by these officials you are able to take control and prepare for what may come.

Creating Community Support Groups

During times of stress and uncertainty, it can be seen that there is difficulty with coping when you or loved ones are isolated with no input or support. It may be an intimidating concept to grasp as voicing concerns may be a taboo struggle in certain ethnic communities, however, by keeping in touch with family members and others who are close to you, opportunities through support are bound to arise due to the multiple networks interacting with one another. Support groups can be more than places for venting thoughts and worries, they can allow individuals to help one another out by sharing different resources that help them cope and thrive in the midst of adversity.

While these are just among the many coping strategies and info obtaining methods that can help manage stress when election season comes around, it is important to remember that there is always help and different resources available to those in need. In a time where everything is uncertain, reflection and support are what will help us push through.