What are the benefits of a clinical evaluation for Immigration? Here are 4 benefits.

Psychological assessment can be especially useful in enhancing clinical clarity and informing subsequent interventions and treatments. In addition to educating clients about risks, it is also crucial to point out the numerous other benefits of continuing with an assessment.

A client may become fixated on an evaluation that serves only one purpose – to support their immigration application. Knowing the other ways, it can help them can be crucial to their long-term mental health.

Bellow we give you four core benefits of clinical evaluations:

  1. A clinical evaluation provides clarity to diagnostics the client may have: Often times, we have clients that have not been assessed for many years. Sometimes, the assessment could be their first assessment ever. It’s not uncommon for clients to be uncertain or to receive mixed messages and diagnoses regarding their mental health. With going through the process of a clinical evaluation, many clients become aware of their mental health and are provided with options of treatment if needed.
  2. Assessments can lead to proper treatment: As stated before, after the assessment is completed, clients are offered options of treatment. Now that the client is aware, they can decide to take any course of action they decide.
  3. A full written report is provided: In addition to providing clients with complete clarity before the process, so they are aware of what to expect and what we will cover together, they also receive their full test results, interpretations, and recommendations. This comes in a written report that clients can take away. It is useful not only for their immigration applications (potentially), but also for helping them obtain the services they might need and communicate with treatment providers.
  4. Clients gains insight of their mental health: There is no greater benefit than to be aware of your own mental health. Many cultures see mental health issues as a taboo topic. Going through a clinical evaluation process can shine the light into said issues the clients may be facing without being aware.